MagMod MagBox System
      Disruptive lighting tools that change the way photographers interact with their gear.
01      Background

During my time as an intern and junior designer at Swarm Design, we worked with the founders of MagMod to develop an entirely new way for photographers to interact with their lighting equipment. We applied user centered design principles to an underserved product category. The result was a photography lighting experience that is not only easier and faster, but also offers more control.

Client: MagMod
Year: 2017
Role: Junior Industrial Designer
Agency: Swarm Design
Team: Chris Witham, Design Lead and Jon Hart, Engineer
Honors: Core77 Awards
02      The Mag ring

My contribution centered around the design of the MagRing, which mounts to the hand grip and magnetically secures the lights.

High-friction hinges secure the speedlight and protect it from damage in the case of a fall.

Filters, umbrellas, and other accessories can be placed opposite the speedlights to shape or tint the light.

03      Process

The forms and construction evolved based on the insight gained from many rounds of prototyping, rigorous testing, and production samples.

06      end

Thanks to: Chris Witham (Lead Industrial Designer), Jon Hart (Mechanical Engineer)