A design language inspired by the cultural shift of China's rising generation.
01      Background

Perfect Diary approached School House to create a visual identity, form language, and product family to resonate with the shifting culture of generation Z in China.

Client: Perfect Diary
Year: 2020
Role: Industrial Design Lead
Agency: School House
Team: Visual Identity by Irmand Trujillo
02      Change is China's New Norm

A social paradigm shift is taking place in China as generation Z is coming of age and challenging the norms of the past. This has led to a surge in the Chinese cosmetics market as young people are experimenting and exploring their personal aesthetic in ways their predecessors never dreamed of.

03      Excitement meets everyday

We wanted to excite our audience while welcoming newcomers to the world of makeup. To this end, we crafted an identity for the brand that combined elements of traditional luxury with daring and dynamic forms.

The client asked us to use black and gold to appeal to the traditional sense of Chinese luxury. Limited in our material choices, we chose to explore dynamic elements through form.

04      Shapeshifting

I created a form language that complemented the new visual identity through transitional surfaces and the softening of faceted forms. Guided by these conceptual underpinnings, I executed the design language across five product formats to be launched alongside Perfect Diary's new identity.

05      end